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Ability to archive tags

beny says:
It would be nice if tags can be also archived same as Lists do. For example I have work for some company but now I'm not. It would be nice to archive and remove tags from auto complete but let them stay by the task (for better task identification). Thx for awesome tool.

Posted at 11:23pm on March 1, 2011
robertvanbregt says:

I use tags for projects. If projects have no tasks, then the project tag does not pop up in the tag cloud, but it is still there in auto-complete.
Posted 10 years ago
action.manager says:
I'd like this feature too.

(removing a tag removes valuable meta-information from completed tasks)
Posted 10 years ago
felixc says:

I am in the exact same situation. I would like to preserve that information for reference and organization.
Posted 9 years ago
harryl says:

please add this...

super simple feature add :)
Posted 8 years ago
vistar says:

Yes! This is cool idea!
Posted 8 years ago
trantjd says:
Bump! I voted on this years ago but would still love to clear out my tags list from all the stuff that hasn't had a new task for it in years. Basically keep the tag on old completed tasks but remove it from the tag list and tag autocomplete. Seems pretty easy...right???
Posted 3 years ago
leesto says:
I've also hit this situation today. Old projects which I still want to keep the tagging metadata for, but don't want to appear in my active list or autocomplete.
Posted 3 years ago
mmoore100 says:
+1 I don't have that many tags right now, but I know it's only a matter of time before I get a huge tag list. I'd love to be able to archive -- or, at the very least, hide them from the active list -- so I have a shorter list to deal with.
Posted 2 years ago
rhettigan says:
I've got a tag column that stretches the height of my screen in the RTM desktop app. I currently use fewer than half of the tags. I'd love to hide them somehow from display or autosuggest. The concept of archiving seems appropriate - I don't want to lose the ability to _search_ on tags to see historical tasks when I unarchive a tag because it became relevant again. I could really use this feature!
Posted 1 year ago
azclaire says:
Change the tag names to, as an example, ZZ-[tag name]. They will drop to the bottom of your tag list. Include in future searches: AND
Posted 1 year ago
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