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Support entering time estimates as '0:30' and '2:25'

Started by dodi Web app1 comment

Ability to add multiple tags when using auto-complete in the tags field (currently when you select one tag, it moves to the next field)

Started by shecasx Web app1 comment

New due date format: day after tomorrow

Started by freenerd Web app2 comments

Show tags on the Overview screen

Started by paul.stork Web app1 comment

Add a rich text editor for notes

Started by jefftheg Web app7 comments

Show Subtasks Underneath Parent Tasks Preferably as Hierarchy or Tree

Started by jonm3 Web app16 comments

Auto-link URLs in task names

Started by wodow Web app5 comments

Add a 'description' field for lists

Started by chrispaton Web app4 comments

Customize when your day begins/ends (e.g. night owls might want their 'Today' list to show tasks due up to 2am, not midnight)

Started by michael.vastola Web app10 comments

Provide a link to the Weekly Planner from the Tasks screen as well as the Overview screen

Started by banks2103 Web app1 comment

New due date format: som and eom (start of month and end of month)

Started by nickle Web app0 comments

Export tasks to XML

Started by Web app18 comments

Add multiple tasks at once

Started by doug.martin Web app10 comments

Provide a PDF of the Weekly Planner

Started by alex.sereda Web app3 comments

Ability to 'star' tasks

Started by tvjames Web app4 comments

Task triggers

Started by simeons Web app2 comments

Ability to have task and note data encrypted on the servers

Started by jinnah Web app6 comments

Incoming filters (e.g. if a new task has the word 'buy', move it to the Shopping list)

Started by akraut Web app2 comments

Auto-tagging based on rules (e.g. tag with 'overdue' if the task becomes overdue)

Started by babunagarajan Web app7 comments

Remember login for longer

Started by ruadog Web app0 comments