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Show excerpts of notes in the task list

(closed account) says:
It's very handy to have the ability to attach notes to a specific task. However, it would be even more helpful to be able to see the contents or excerpt of your notes below your task in some sort of "Note Preview Mode." I have provided an example below:

Task Name Here
- Note 1 excerpt here...
- Note 2 excerpt here...

Personally, I think this would make the notes a lot more useful; though I do realize many people may just use the notes to provide extra information through which to perform a search.
Posted at 9:01pm on October 30, 2006
ian.humph says:
Can I second this

Maybe with a little '+' sign to open/close the notes view when an item has a note.

Notes are just not visual enough
Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Excerpts are a good idea, as is the + sign for expansion.

Notes are not visual enough, and as I've suggested for a long time, I think a small icon would be just the thing to lurk on the right near the due date for items with notes and recurrence.
Posted 13 years ago
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