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Ability to add multiple tags when using auto-complete in the tags field (currently when you select one tag, it moves to the next field)

shecasx says:
When adding details to a new task, I'm comfortable the keyboard shortcuts and tabbing in the task details. But it's frustrating to add multiple tags to a task and NOT be able to take advantage of the autofill capabilities.

Now, when you start to type in one of your tags, RTM suggests the autofill with the list, tabbing adds that tag, which is great BUT is also moves you down to the location field. So you you to shift-tab to go back up and to add another tag, or type in the full tag initially with commas between tags. You can't utilize the autofill capabilities.

It would be nice if this behavior could be changed so that selecting from the tag autofill list didn't automatically move you to the next field.
Posted at 9:44pm on November 22, 2008
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