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Ability to 'star' tasks

tvjames says:
I'd like to be able to star items, like in Gmail. Then have a way to quickly show just the starred items.

(Ideally in a really huge font readable from across the room.)

That way, when I have a really long list of items to do, I can quickly star some, view only those and run around the house getting them done.

(I use this feature in the To Do list program I wrote, but I have to give it up because it's on a former employer's website and I find a new service before they find and delete my application.)
Posted at 12:31am on June 8, 2007
eroc says:
Yes! This would be great.

I've been using and loved Things (mac desktop app) which has this feature. It allows you to quickly focus in on a few tasks you want to get done "right now." (in Things, it's called "Today")

Is there a current work-around for this that anyone has found? I'm currently just using the "high priority" and a smart list, but wish there was a better way.

(If anyone is wondering, I had to give up Things because I NEED to be able to access my list from any computer, including my treo, and have Jott support.)
Posted 12 years ago
tvjames says:
Here's the workaround I've come up with... I have four (more) Smart Lists: $1, $2, $3, $4 (where priority=n and dueBefore:tomorrow).

And this is all about the keyboard... I start with a list called Today that has everything due before tomorrow or due never (and not in a few special smart lists) and then make that all due today and priority 1.

Then I switch over to my $1 list I go down the list looking for stuff I really don't want to do, selecting as I go. Make those all 2's. Or postpone them if I already know I'm not going to get to them today.

Then I'm left with a shorter list to work through. I can then either complete stuff, or make it a 2. When I've completed that list, I control-right on over to my $2 list and repeat the process, moving stuff I don't want to do to a priority 3. And then from priority 3, back to 1. On any given day, I'll have 100-200 items on my to do list for stuff around the house. Some of it is weekly, some of it daily, some of it languishing stuff that I ought to get to.

I find that a list of 10-15 items at a time is really helpful in helping me prioritize and keep from getting overwhelmed (because when the list is really long, I'd rather flip over to Google Reader).

It may sound like a lot of work, but it's actually working brilliantly for me. It was the setup and refining of the smart lists that took the most time.
Posted 9 years ago
mart007 says:
dueBefore:tomorrow isn't working for me.... any ideas?
Posted 8 years ago
tvjames says:
you might need dueBefore:tomorrow or due:never
Posted 7 years ago
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