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New repeat option: after [number] days/weeks/months in [month names] (e.g. 'after 2 weeks in june, july, august')

davidscottweaver says:
Hi guys, I've recently discovered that RTM can repeat a task on certain days of the week using the "after" keyword. This way if I skip a day, identical tasks won't pile up, yet I can specify which days the task falls on. For instance, I reconcile my bank account daily except on Sundays and Mondays (when the bank data is not available from the weekend). So the code is: "after Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday".

Well that got me thinking about extending the syntax to include months as well as the current days. Here's the idea. I mow the lawn roughly every 2 weeks from April to the end of October. It would be great to have a repeat syntax to automatically handle this. In my mind the syntax would go something like: "After 2 weeks in April, May, June, July, August, September, October". That way I don't see the task until April, it does the normal reschedule 2 weeks after I last check it off, then once it gets to the end of Oct, if there isn't 2 weeks left, the next event shows up in April the next year, out of site, out of mind!

The ability to code and setup smart lists is the real power behind RTM, so hopefully this is where the folks can focus, new commands and what not to manipulate data. Thanks!

Posted at 12:54pm on January 25, 2009
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Interesting, had no idea that interval worked. Great input!
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
WOW. thanks for sharing, man!

Posted 11 years ago
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