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Support for 'quarter' in repeats (e.g. 'every quarter on the last thursday')

blablah says:
Every quarter, after the last payroll of the quarter, I have to perform a variety of tasks related to preparing the quarterly tax returns for various governmental agencies (six in all). In addition, we have other tasks that have to be completed quarterly related to compliance with various environmental regulations. So I would like to be able to set tasks as repeating quarterly, or, perhaps every quarter on the last thursday, etc.
Posted at 2:35pm on June 26, 2009
john.haining says:
I was going to ask for the same term, but realised that for the first example "every 3 months" will achieve the same result.

No luck on the "on the last thursday of the quarter, though"
Posted 10 years ago
blablah says:
Actually, it doesn't. Every 3 months doesn't sign the event to the position in the month - one of my quarterly to-dos for December shows up as 12/25 not 12/31. That's not right! The last Thursday is 12/31 - that's when the tasks should fire.
Posted 10 years ago
action.manager says:
Yes, I'd definitely like more flexible scheduling!

All the flexibility of Google Calendar would be a good start...
Posted 10 years ago
sankar.reddy says:
+1 for the need for quarterly tasks.
Posted 10 years ago
gzmile says:
+1 for quarterly tasks (especially on the last <>).
Posted 6 years ago
rsmmanagement says:
I need basically the same as this except I would like to specify the number of months instead of just quarterly. "Every 4 months on the 1st Thursday"
Also the ability to specify a month and day would be nice. "Every May on the 3rd Thursday"

I am using this for a preventive maintenance program and many tasks are done at 2, 3, 4, 6, and 12 month intervals. I try to group tasks on the same day of the week as others that are in a similar location or category.
Posted 6 years ago
meridian2012 says:
Please, add support for 'quarter' in repeats
Posted 3 years ago
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