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Print a list with subtasks (and with notes)

muwocad says:
sorry 'bout my english - I try to do my best:
I have a lot of tasks in my lists with subtasks.
And I need a function to print the list including the subtasks.
And an second additional function to print also the notes would be great.
If you can make this as an selectable option, this would be more flexible.
Posted at 3:18pm on January 3, 2017
gwendywilkinson says:
Please add this!
Posted 1 year ago
kenwong9 says:
I strongly demand to add the function of printing the sub-tasks.
Now i can just print the main titiles. It is not convenient to have a full view of work.
Posted 5 months ago
edward.brocker says:
I'd like to add my voice to having the subtasks display in the All Tasks view and to have them print, whenever the task containing the subtasks prints.
It's helpful to see all the underlying tasks when planning one's work.
Posted 4 months ago
muwocad says:
Now I was waiting 2 Years to an improvement to this topic.
But I cannot feel any developement in the last time.
That's enough. I cancel my pro subscription and move to another tool. That's a pity. You had a very strong potential. But you didn't hear what your customers need. I'm not the only one who needs a professional task management. Bye bye - it started very hopeful with RMT....two years later.....disillusion
Posted 13 weeks ago
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