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Add multiple tasks at once

doug.martin says:
I looked around at the existing ideas and I didn't see this one -- how about having an "Add Multiple Tasks" link that shows a multi-row textarea. Each line could be a seperate task and would be parsed upon submission.

Maybe this is just how I work but its nice to be able to just type whatever comes into my head in the morning for my todo list and then do some revisions before I commit to the list -- much easier if it is in a single textarea.
Posted at 1:54pm on November 2, 2005
luzi says: does just that. i would also apreciate this feature a lot! especially when moving here from tasktoy...
anyway, thanks a lot for the great work!
Posted 14 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
I'm not sure that our interface will be able to support adding multiple tasks at once (right now it's pretty easy to use keyboard shortcuts to enter tasks in rapid succession :)

However, we've been considering adding a feature that would allow you to email in a task list -- each line of the email would be converted into a separate task. Would this be useful?
Posted 14 years ago
doug.martin says:
Your interface is single task oriented so it would probably break continuity to have textareas. Its a bit of a hack but would you think about implementing some delimiter that would split the task into multiple tasks? That might actually be nice to use for an existing task come to think of it...

For example, "buy foo|cook foo" would be entered and two tasks would be created. Its nice for sequential tasks.

btw, it would also be nice if you could prefix a task with something like "!" and it would set it the due date for today saves a step (yes, I'm that lazy)

Posted 14 years ago
bookchiq says:
I like Doug's suggestion: "prefix a task with something like "!" and it would set it the due date for today"

Something like that, or the ability to set a preference to have tasks default to "due today"—I suspect many of us are using RTM for daily task lists.
Posted 14 years ago
adnani says:
why dont see how nozbe does it. it has a simple textbox and then it processes each line into seperate tasks.
Posted 11 years ago
ab (Remember The Milk) says:
If you make a smartlist with the filter "due:today", anything you add it to it will automatically have the date set to today. Smartlists have many other contextual properties that will automatically be applied to a task added to it.
Posted 11 years ago
frangipanni says:
I am considering changing from another task manager and it would be very useful to be able to add multiple tasks- it would make it so much quicker.
to email them in ? mmmm, yes that would be useful i think
Posted 9 years ago
raulrpearson says:
I think that GTD-minded people would find this feature really useful.

After a daily or weekly review of my system I wind up with quite a lot of new next actions that I would like to add to RTM in one go.

Functionality would be similar to the one provided by mGSD (described and demoed in the following link, just press quick add>> on the blue bar):[[About%20Quick%20Add]]

It would be something like Mass-quick/smart add :D.
Posted 8 years ago
iainfunnell says:
I find I often want to add tasks like a shopping list to to list out individual items, but have them all tagged and dated the same.

it would be perfect to be able to go:
apples|oranges|pears|plums|juice|mince ^tomorrow #shoppping

This would create 6 separate tasks in one go.. much faster than adding in each individually and then tagging and bagging them (especially through a mobile app)
Posted 8 years ago
admirau says:

I agree with you. Character separated list (whether it is | or ; or dot or anything that can be fast typed would be a killer feature.

Easy to implement, backward compatible, very powerful.


Using email requires internet connection which is not always avaliable, remembering the rtm email address and syntax - lots of downsides.
Posted 8 years ago
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