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Default priority level setting

notyourbroom says:

I searched around for a bit, but I couldn't find any features like this...

What I would really love to have would be an automatic assignment of a default priority level to new tasks. This is what it would look like:

Top priority: Tasks for which I had manually toggled the top priority level.

Mid-priority: The default level assigned to all new tasks.

Low priority: The level I would assign to my recurring, non-urgent tasks that may be easily postponed (like "Do laundry")

This would make the ordering of my to-do list much more intuitive, because 90% of the time, any task that I manually add on-the-fly to my to-do list for a given day will have a higher priority than, say, doing the laundry... so I'd like for that to be automatically established, rather than me needing to manually toggle the priority each and every time.
Posted at 4:14pm on May 8, 2008
notyourbroom says:
Actually, here's an alternate way of thinking of it: it would be like a "default minimum priority level".

Currently, there are four priority levels, and new tasks are automatically assigned the lowest priority:

"none" (current default)

What I would like to do would be to change it to this, so that new tasks are assigned with a higher default priority level, enabling me the flexibility both to PROMOTE items to higher priority and to DEMOTE items to lower priority:

2 (new default)

Does this make sense?
Posted 10 years ago
notyourbroom says:
OK, I figured out a way to hack this together under the current system...

If I prepend a "z" to the task title for a recurring, low-priority task, then it automatically shuffles to the bottom of the list, which is the behavior I'm looking for. It's not a pretty solution, but it works.
Posted 10 years ago
orth says:
it could be just an option
Posted 6 years ago
freeminder says:
I like the idea of the ability to customize the default priority setting for newly added tasks. E.g., Android app already has the default due date and list settings, so it looks quite a natural extension of this functionality - as in mobile apps, so as in web interface. Also, as these will be just the optional settings, adding them won't hurt others who don't want to use them. And, this feature looks pretty easy to implement.
Posted 6 years ago
lillgu says:
Posted 5 years ago
bonwag says:
Been a while on this one; any progresss? Would be very handy to have in my current system (the ability to throw new tasks into the middle of my prioritised list would be nice)
Posted 1 year ago
cybersphere says:
I agree that this would be a good feature. I default to giving all new tasks a #1 priority
Posted 1 year ago
tailarson says:
Posted 1 year ago
jondcoleman says:
Posted 11 months ago
michael.durland says:
+2. Toodledo has this. Actually Toodledo lets you set defaults for all fields for new tasks. It would be nice if RTM had this too. For example, to follow Michael Linenberger's scheme, the default for "Start Date" could be set to Today, along with Priority=2.
Posted 9 months ago
jondcoleman says:
I would LOVE this.
Posted 8 months ago
theirix says:
Other fields like List or Due date have default values. There is no reason to miss a default Priority field.
Wonder why it needs ten years to implement.
Posted 7 months ago
chris.bujara says:
I will really like to be able to set a default priority, as described above. This would be really helpful when adding tasks via SIRI, who blithely ignores my requests to set task priorities.
Posted 5 months ago
champagne.alexandre says:
I do agree. I'm new to RTM, and this is the only obvious option that seems to be missing IMO !
Posted 16 weeks ago
jondcoleman says:
Posted 12 days ago
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