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Multiple list view (ala Gmail multiple inbox view)

(closed account) says:
I have to chalk this up as one of the things I never knew I wanted. But since Gmail implemented its multiple inboxes I've been thinking just how wonderful it would be to view multiple lists at once in RTM. I could have one list showing all high priority tasks while also working directly in a project list.
Posted at 12:11am on February 14, 2009
krissy says:
Thanks for the suggestion we.kanes :) I'll make a note of it.
Posted 11 years ago
brent.peters says:
Would like to see this as well.
Posted 8 years ago
sushil says:
The way i access multiple lists in a single window right now is by adding multiple RTM gadgets to my iGoogle page. Now each of this gadget can show a differenent RTM list or searchlist.

BUT, iGoogle is retiring in nov 2013 :( :(
RTM: Please provide a way to see multiple lists in the same window, so that you can see a snapshot of different lists in 1 place.

For me, i have my work list, home list, reading list etc as different list. I would like to see all of the tasks from these in multiple small windows in the same screen.
Posted 7 years ago
lillgu says:
Posted 7 years ago
lazallen says:
hi, i think this would be useful too
Posted 6 years ago
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