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Show the list name for each task on the Overview screen

Started by tm2000 Web app4 comments

De-select tasks after action

Started by lillytryon Web app7 comments

Allow lists to have notes (like tasks do)

Started by birdb Web app1 comment

Display tasks in a table view

Started by vicentginer Web app2 comments

Ability to postpone all overdue tasks on the Overview screen

Started by superq Web app2 comments

Ability to have a repeatable list, where the tasks repeat only when all the tasks have been completed

Started by cranstonide Web app0 comments

In the advanced search form, allow the selection of multiple lists in the 'Search' dropdown

Started by stjones Web app0 comments


Started by acfinnefrock Web app5 comments

Nest tags

Started by robin.steed Web app3 comments

Mind map view

Started by dominic.spachmann Web app14 comments


Started by jan.sosniecki Web app3 comments

Change online interface to work like the iPad app

Started by mmaza Web app1 comment

Postpone start dates

Started by laurent.wallet Web app4 comments

New due date format: last [day name] (e.g. 'last monday')

Started by cleomedes Web app0 comments

Default priority level setting

Started by notyourbroom Web app8 comments

Enable attachment of images to todos

Started by davidbrake Web app1 comment

Show an icon when a task has a start date

Started by ml.barrett Web app0 comments

Ability to share tasks when adding with Smart Add

Started by tobias.tadysiak Web app5 comments

Customizable font size

Started by petros.pan Web app1 comment

New repeat option: [day name] after the [interval] [day name] (e.g. 'monday after the first sunday', which is not always the first monday)

Started by Web app1 comment