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Ability to have a repeatable list, where the tasks repeat only when all the tasks have been completed

Started by cranstonide Web app0 comments

Enable attachment of images to todos

Started by davidbrake Web app3 comments

Assign contacts without email address to tasks - virtual contacts

Started by newsfreak Web app10 comments

Ability to restore tasks data to a recent version (e.g. to recover from a bad sync or accidental deletion)

Started by (closed account) Web app8 comments

Allow lists to have notes (like tasks do)

Started by birdb Web app1 comment

Calendar view for all task

Started by (closed account) Web app6 comments

Themes - add users pictures & sharing

Started by (closed account) Web app5 comments

Hierarchical tags

Started by luken Web app3 comments

Show tasks completed today on the Overview screen

Started by jbigelow Web app0 comments

Support yes/no as well as true/false in binary searches (e.g. accept isRepeating:yes as well as isRepeating:true)

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Allow the parent task of a subtask to be used as a criterion

Started by mbowes80 Web app3 comments

De-select tasks after action

Started by lillytryon Web app8 comments

Keyboard shortcut to move to the top or bottom of a list

Started by whack9 Web app3 comments

Ability to publish Smart Lists

Started by gamayo Web app5 comments

Print a list with subtasks (and with notes)

Started by muwocad Web app5 comments

Keyboard shortcut to edit notes

Started by travis.dunbar Web app2 comments

Mind map view

Started by dominic.spachmann Web app14 comments

Custom colors on tags

Started by azzouz Web app2 comments

Display tasks in a table view

Started by vicentginer Web app3 comments

Show an icon when a task has a start date

Started by ml.barrett Web app0 comments