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Allow the parent task of a subtask to be used as a criterion

mbowes80 says:
There are a lot of great criteria for searching and smart lists already. I can even specify tasks that are subtasks, have subtasks, etc. But I would love to be able to create a smart-list that includes subtasks from specific parent tasks. E.g., include all tasks that are subtasks of tasks with "Asdf" in the name.
Posted at 1:52am on December 18, 2015
erlloyd says:
Yes! My subtask trees are often large and sometimes unwieldly. I would love options (sort options, search functions, etc) that can give parent tasks as criteria.

Suggestion: maybe have them come up as an option under lists, after selecting a list you could optionally also select one of the parent tasks inside it?
Posted 4 years ago
onerror says:
yes, this would be really helpful. Some new filters like parentList, parentTag, parentDue etc
Posted 3 years ago
dd06833 says:
I'd love to be able to select subtasks based on task priority
Posted 2 years ago
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