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CSV file Import into RTM

jfch says:
I love SmartAdd, but it would also be great to have a CSV import tool for larger-scale imports.

This would help with (1) migrations from other software (many apps can export to CSV, or something that can be converted to CSV), and (2) it would help with PROJECT TEMPLATES, stored as CSV files, imported whenever a project arises (e.g., expense reports, etc.).

Posted at 7:53pm on May 5, 2017
afelton says:
I agree!
Posted 1 year ago
scottydeep says:
I just came across the same need. Importing from CSV would be awseome.
Posted 1 year ago
jalia says:
Absolutely. Project template use case for me, too.
Posted 1 year ago
dale.neuman says:
Trying to transfer Trello boards into RTM. CSV or JSON import would really help.
Posted 12 months ago
donkiely says:
+100! It's kind of insane that RTM doesn't have a reliable way to import tasks. Lists in emails is far too dependent on email formatting issues.
Posted 9 months ago
donkiely says:
Wow. From today's release notes for Version 2275 — November 27, 2018: "New: Import your Remember The Milk data (JSON format)."

Cautious excitement. Does this mean it can solve my problem of importing tasks? Or is this intended as a way to restore a backup wholesale? I've not found any documentation for this new feature yet, but I'll keep digging.
Posted 4 months ago
peter.smulders says:
From the looks of it, it is meant as backup&restore or migrate. The documentation suggests to use the export feature to create the JSON file to do the import. I looked at the contents and the export.json contains literally everything in an account, in a relational format, i.e. there are lists that have IDs and those IDs are referenced as a preference in the account settings, etc. Also, the JSON includes task IDs and metadata.

I assume that upon importing, most of this data is discarded because it would thoroughly mess up another account when imported whole.

I am actively looking for a mass import (I have a semi-automatic system for firing off dozens of separate emails but the email import feature is broken at the moment) so I will investigate what happens if I construct a JSON file with an empty skeleton and only data for tasks.

NB: notes are treated as separate entities linked via ID to the task they belong to. Fine, but this makes it impossible to include notes upon import, because the ID is not known at that time. I will try random (but dummy) IDs for tasks and coupling notes to those tasks via that dummy ID. With a bit of luck, the importer is clever enough to figure out from an import file what goes with what.

Note to RTM staff: documentation, even "this may or may not be fully accurate, but here are the lab notes" would go a long way to helping out tinkerers like yours truly and many others on this forum.
Posted 4 months ago
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