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Ability to postpone for a few hours (instead of days)

danielalbu says:
I can only postpone tasks to a day or a few days in the future.

Since I use my RTM as a daily schedule, I sometimes want to postpone all remaining tasks of the day for an hour or a few hours (=all the tasks' due dates will have one hour added to them)
Posted at 8:41pm on November 23, 2017
xyrafo says:
yes :-)
To be more perfect: all selected tasks should have one hour added
Thank you
Posted 1 year ago
florinbuda85 says:
some task i want to postpone 15 minutes, some i want to postpone 3 hours - it would be perfect if the app would ask me
Posted 11 months ago
johan.nilsson says:
I agree with this. I often want to postpone some tasks for an hour or so because I'm currently busy.
Posted 10 months ago
dbsk says:
Postpone should be able to use the same arbitrary increments as the due date, eg. 3h, 5wk, etc.
Posted 9 months ago
danielalbu says:
It shouldn't be too hard to implement...
It would really help a lot of people!
Posted 9 months ago
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