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Show Time Estimate Total on parent task

Started by jamezzz Web app1 comment

Pause feature for recurring tasks

Started by richardchayes Web app0 comments

Change online interface to work like the iPad app

Started by mmaza Web app1 comment

Show number of incomplete tasks in the favicon

Started by sweetpurple Web app0 comments

Ability to print multiple lists at one time

Started by jjeudymd Web app4 comments

Support a delimiter in Smart Add that makes it possible to add multiple tasks in one line (e.g. Milk ^tomorrow | Bread ^today)

Started by aklimchak Web app0 comments

CSV file Import into RTM

Started by jfch Web app7 comments

2 factor authentication

Started by sayanee Web app0 comments

Ability to edit completed tasks

Started by vince.luff Web app27 comments

Postpone until

Started by andy.lawson Web app0 comments

Support for numerical sorting of task names

Started by jsteehl Web app3 comments

Ability to convert notes into tasks (and vice versa)

Started by (closed account) Web app0 comments

Outline or Tree view please!

Started by michael714 Web app3 comments

Add Start Date Icon above Task List

Started by klliopatra Web app2 comments

Support Smart Add characters as keyboard shortcuts

Started by dfm Web app2 comments

Allow custom priority labels (e.g. low, medium, high)

Started by jarrad.powell Web app0 comments

Option to remove logo when printing

Started by zshihab Web app11 comments

Default due date: add "Tomorrow" as an option

Started by kangas Web app2 comments

Ability to set a default priority for a particular tag

Started by runner98765 Web app1 comment

Create locations for any of a business type (e.g. task can be completed at any hardware store, any grocery store, etc)

Started by steve.king Web app2 comments