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fant says:
Hi Bob,
what's your strategy regarding attachements?

Will this come in near future or not...

I was a Little bit sidetracked by other which provide this feature..., even cloud attachements.

There is a post startet 2007 (9 years ago). IMHO we, especially pro users, deserve an answer...
Posted at 10:37am on August 3, 2016
thejaswi says:
I agree with fant. It is a good task-management practice to compile all related things in one place when you create the task, so that when you get around to doing it there is no need to scurry around for information.

Typically users get something (snail-mail, email-attachments etc.) which triggers the need to create a task.
Posted 2 years ago
plockerman says:
This is a "show-stopper".
Posted 1 year ago
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