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Show start date in task list

Started by gioele Web app4 comments

Show an icon when a task has a start date

Started by ml.barrett Web app0 comments

Ability to postpone all overdue tasks on the Overview screen

Started by superq Web app2 comments

In the advanced search form, allow the selection of multiple lists in the 'Search' dropdown

Started by stjones Web app0 comments

Move subtasks in mobile app

Started by rabeckman Web app6 comments

Support calendar week as due date (e.g. ^week14)

Started by bela.hausmann Web app0 comments

More priorities & colors

Started by jennifer.goslee Web app1 comment


Started by fant Web app2 comments


Started by (closed account) Web app5 comments

Ability to share tasks when adding with Smart Add

Started by tobias.tadysiak Web app5 comments

Customizable font size

Started by petros.pan Web app1 comment

Ability to print multiple lists at one time

Started by jjeudymd Web app4 comments

Ability to upload files to tasks

Started by cblupo Web app1 comment

Ability to postpone for a few hours (instead of days)

Started by danielalbu Web app6 comments


Started by jan.sosniecki Web app3 comments

RTM own calendar

Started by shanti7 Web app1 comment

Ability to duplicate a list

Started by mijalis Web app3 comments

Support a delimiter in Smart Add that makes it possible to add multiple tasks in one line (e.g. Milk ^tomorrow | Bread ^today)

Started by aklimchak Web app0 comments

Collapse long notes

Started by 7sl Web app1 comment

New due date format: last [day name] (e.g. 'last monday')

Started by cleomedes Web app0 comments