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Ability to publish Smart Lists

gamayo says:
I know this feature has been requested before, but the last post I found about it is seven months old. I think it would be very useful to be able to publish smart lists.

So, can we have it? Please? Pretty please with sugar on top?
Posted at 11:43am on October 5, 2010
krysta says:
Posted 6 years ago
graham.poulter says:

I label some items in my "Shopping" list with "wishlist". I want to publish a smart list of my wishlist-labeled items, without having to make a separate "Wishlist" list.
Posted 6 years ago
gibsons says:

A publishable "All Tasks" smart list would be great!
Posted 6 years ago
morrita says:
+1, for exporting specific smart list to google calendar.
Posted 5 years ago
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