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Customize visible fields/columns

dave.liao says:
When browsing lists, you can only see a task's priority, summary, due date, and whether it has notes.

Can users have the ability to hide or show what fields to show? For example, I'd love to see Estimate so I could easily see which tasks haven't been assigned a time estimate.
Posted at 9:13pm on February 7, 2017
igodt says:
I'd love to have this option.
I have a "deferred" list, things that cannot be started right now, but which have to pop up in the (near) future. Therefore, I use the Start date and a Smart list on tasks with such a Start date. However, the Start dates are not visible in the list, and as such I cannot sort on it. This makes the list a lot less usable.
Posted 1 year ago
dave.liao says:
I'm still interested in this feature, RTM-team! 😉
Posted 1 year ago
robgia says:
I'm still interesting in this feature too!
Posted 1 year ago
siblik says:
I'm also interested in this feature.
Posted 1 year ago
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