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Ability to set tasks as due during time periods (e.g. 'AM' or 'PM' tasks)

glweaver says:
Forgive me if this functionality already exists - to me it seems like a no brainer, but maybe not...

I have many tasks, as most of us do, that are due on a given day that have no specific time. Among these tasks, there are some that are best done in the morning and some that can be performed later in the day (or anytime throughout the day.)

I would like to be able to setup a task to be due on Monday Morning or Monday Afternoon. Creating a due period such as this would not affect reminders but would create better sorting of the task list.

Now, as I envision this, what I personally want is morning tasks, so if I set something up as due Monday morning, it would sort before one that has no time of day set.

Now, one can artificially set up a morning time, say 10 AM, but this interferes with those tasks that are actually due at 10 AM, and those that have reminders built in, so although an option, not a great one (for me at least.)

Of course, as I play this out, it's not so simple. If morning is an option, then afternoon must be an option, then maybe evening and night. right? Or maybe just AM and PM...

So, AM sorts before PM and AM sorts before no designation, but how does PM sort?

Also, when noon hits, does a morning task move to the overdue list?

I think my idea is getting complicated... Maybe it's not such a no brainer after all...

Posted at 8:14pm on September 7, 2008
jcrusselljr says:
maybe to simplify it further - there just needs to be a drag and drop ordering WITHIN the same day -- so, sort by priority, then day, but allow drag and drop (that is synced across devices) for what ORDER the tasks are to be done.

This saves me from having to look at my tasks for the day and then write them out in the order in which they should be completed.......
Posted 4 years ago
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