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Display tasks in a table view

vicentginer says:
I think this is not a new item, but I mention it here again in order to remind you (RMT staff) about it, in cas it was necessary.

At the moment, there is only one way to see the tasks: the tab view, and, in each tab, a list with the name, importance and due date of the tasks, with a box in the right containing all the task info. OK. It works well.

But I think other alternatives views would be desirable.

For example, a "table" or grid view, that is: the list of tasks not only showing name and importance, but also the rest of features, in a "Excel" way, so that you can click on a column in order to sort the tasks by that column, etc.

I think this would be great.

Thank you for answering.
Posted at 5:50pm on February 3, 2007
benpage26 says:
I like this idea,
Posted 13 years ago
sander.buhrman says:
I like this idea too
Posted 6 years ago
thomas.decker says:
Such a grid view should although have a filtering feature (like excel). grid view are very good to see the info of the tasks at a first glance. At the moment I have to klick on every task in a list to see this information
Posted 2 years ago
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