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Hierarchical tags

luken says:
In Lightroom I can create a tagging structure for tagging my photos. Meaning If I tag something with 'Bob' it wall also get tagged with the parent's 'Monkey' and 'Animal'.

Doing this with tags would be a great help as I could tag something with a single very specific tag (particular type of document to write, type of bug to fix, customer to work with, etc) and get an automatic tag that I can search on (say documentation, bugs, or customers) that pull up all todo's in that group.

Having this helps me focus my work, I can do all tasks requiring the current set of websites/programs that I have open so I don't have to bounce around as much.

Note that the parents don't need to and probably shouldn't be shown on the tags line of the todo unless explicitly added.
Posted at 8:09am on November 12, 2008
(closed account) says:
I currently do this with periods. IE #class.sociology or #home.chores so that I can use the tagContains: search parameter to look for certain tags (either more or less specific.

I put the higher tags before, but you could put them after instead. like this:

(for websites/customers)

because then when you type #google, it will autocomplete with other parts of the tag.

(now that I think about it, i'm going to switch my tags around, hope that helps, because this is a feature i doubt the design team will add.
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
sorry, I'm revising that, the latter part of my post DOES NOT work, it seems that tagContains only matches tags that start with the string. I'm emailing support about it now
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
ok they got back to me and said it should work, i tried it an hour later and it worked, happy tasking
Posted 8 years ago
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