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Reassign task as subtask

(closed account) says:
I would like to take an existing task and have the option to assign it to another task as a subtask.
Posted at 8:11pm on May 8, 2015
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi enygren,
You can drag a task and drop it on another task to make it a subtask. Hope that helps!

(This applies to some top-secret things over in the Remember The Milk Pro Tester Program—check it out if you want to know more!)
Posted 3 years ago
mihage says:
Hi andrewski,

to drag and drop a task helps. However, when the tasks are not on the same list (or view), then drag and drop is not possible.

I have a task in my inbox and I want to make it a subtask to some other task, which is not in my inbox. I can not directly make it a subtask then.

Do you have advice for this?
Posted 3 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mihage,
The only workaround is to get the tasks into the same view and then to drag the task over the other task. Thanks for your feedback!
Posted 3 years ago
mihage says:
Thanks. That is how I'm doing it.
If you want to have fun developing something new, you might just go for a possibility to directly assign a task as a subtask to a task in another list.

I would like that feature...
Posted 3 years ago
shardvicens says:
I've started a new feature post for this. For me, subtasking using drag and drop is really clunky. I'd like to be able to just "Make this a subtask of", or inversely, "Add an existing task as a subtask".
Posted 2 years ago
erlloyd says:
Yes! Something similar to how one can currently re-assign tasks to another list. Granted... I can see how it would be tricky to implement.
Maybe after selecting the task to be moved and choosing "reassign as subtask", a search view could pop up for you to find the right target task?
Posted 2 years ago
apgordon says:
+1. My use case: I often brain dump into Inbox, and then ideally I want to drop those tasks as subtasks in other Lists. But as is noted here, that's not super easy.
Posted 2 years ago
jamezzz says:
+1. Just as apgordon said, I might think of some tasks that should be part of project X so I'll quickly dump it to the Inbox, but there's no easy way to make it a subtask of the task in another list that represents my project. Tasks with subtasks represent a project to me. This is becoming a major stumbling block for me over Todoist.
Posted 2 years ago
jamezzz says:
One additional thought on this...Right now I can select the task and choose Move To... and it shows me a list of Lists. But I also have an edit box there. If I could just begin typing in the name of the task I want as parent and have that list dynamically update with matches as I type, I could very quickly zero in on my parent task to be. Then it's just a matter of me clicking the parent task in that updated list to quickly assign it as a subtask to that parent task.
Posted 2 years ago
t.candelli says:
+1, i also support this feature!
Posted 2 years ago
shawn.white123 says:
please allow me to move subtasks to tasks and tasks to subtasks
I really need this and cannot find a way to do it
Posted 1 year ago
krispiebrown says:
+1 especially useful for people who are new to pro and want to consolidate old tasks.

Would also need to work on mobile.
Posted 1 year ago
tailarson says:
+1 I agree with everyone that dragging and dropping is very clunky.
Posted 1 year ago
jamesmwilson says:
+1 In the same way that it is so easy to assign tasks to lists, tags etc. from the Inbox through keyboard shortcuts, I am how difficult it is to re-allocate tasks to become sub-tasks. I suspects that sub-tasks are under-used as a result
Posted 12 months ago
(closed account) says:
+1 for this request and the ability to also do this in mobile.
Posted 9 months ago
kukawica says:
+1 for mobile. Most of the work I do with tasks is on iOS and I can’t do this, so it’s hard for me to process my inbox for projects or sub tasks when I have a lot of these types of items of a larger project.
Posted 6 months ago
amzar says:
+1 for this as well, especially with support for keyboard shortcuts. I live by those!
Posted 5 months ago
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