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Assign contacts without email address to tasks - virtual contacts

newsfreak says:
I love the seperation for lists, tags, contexts and people which doesn't make it neccesary to create some strange naming contstructs with tags.

However assigning contacts, maybe for "waiting for" tasks, should not require an email address. For me it would be totally sufficient to use a virtual contact.
Posted at 7:02pm on July 11, 2016
adolph.vogel says:
I agree. It's very annoying that we cant do this.
Posted 4 years ago
jeroen.budts says:
Completely agree on this. I'd also like to be able to create 'virtual' contacts. In fact I already tried it by using e-mail addresses such as '' (which is a valid gmail addres if you email is, but that's not very userfriendly as you can't give them a readable name
Posted 3 years ago
raphaelrenaud3 says:
I would love that feature as well.
Posted 2 years ago
jamesreyes says:
This would be great too. When I assign tasks to others, it's more to remind me to follow up with them. I don't need them editing my tasks.
Posted 2 years ago
adolph.vogel says:
I'm still waiting for this feature. Any feedback from the RTM staff?
Posted 2 years ago
mberubenet says:
Come on, such an easy request should be in by now.
Posted 1 year ago
ascold says:
I find this feature really useful as well! Can't wait!
Posted 1 year ago
richard.masters says:
The use case described by @newsfreak is the *only* way I want to 'assign' tasks, i.e. to remind me that I am 'waiting for' a third party.

Contact can happen face-to-face, by WhatsApp, by snailmail..., not just email, and these all need to be tracked - a virtual contact is a good solution.

I am astonished to find that no-one from RTM has commented on this in 2.5 years!

I am reluctant to go PRO without this function being available, or at least acknowledged being on the roadmap.
Posted 1 year ago
jabsystems says:
This needs to be in now. I've just tried to use that as my new role requires delegation (but without requiring me to force delegates to use RTM).

I've had to resort to a tag which is substandard.
Posted 1 year ago
cpbooks says:
Maybe I don't understand the thread.
I've created my assistant as a contact. She received the email and just ignored it. She and I sign in at the same time and use the RTM all day long. I also set myself up as a contact at another email and again just deleted the email without setting up an RTM account for that email.
I'll admit the lack of response to this thread is surprising.
Posted 1 year ago
makzan says:
I agree. As a personal task list, I need to know I delegated it to someone else. But I don't always want to let the person receive email notification from a "new" service to them.

I have two workarounds:

1. I use because is example domain that no one will actually receive email.
2. use name@ the domain I own personally which will get discarded (except the main address that I'm using)
Posted 6 months ago
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