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Ability to email non-members with shared tasks and lists

emeraldconsulting says:
It would be very handy to be able to email non-members with tasks that they may need to perform. Or to let them know a new task has been added to the list of tasks. As more than one person is using the same to do list in our case.
Posted at 8:30am on May 16, 2007
(closed account) says:
Good idea - would help with team management
Posted 13 years ago
jjouty says:
Yes I think non-member sharing is something I've been missing.

I use RTM with various 'aspects' of my life and some include small groups of people and delegating tasks and everyone has their own task manager.
Being able to put it on my task list as 'shared' and emailing the task to the person would be great.

The person could then mark the task as complete when its done. Currently I have a list for this called 'Waiting For' which I use for tasks I have delegated to someone.
Posted 9 years ago says:
Posted 8 years ago
chashmish says:
Posted 8 years ago
threefingerjoe says:
That feature would be great.
Posted 7 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This is now possible with the new Remember The Milk, but the person would still need to join to be able to see the task they've been given or shared list. Hopefully this may be of some help -- we appreciate the feedback!
Posted 4 years ago
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