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Hide/show lists based on current location (e.g. only show work-related lists at work)

dominic.spachmann says:

I am reopening a topic by alexius, who said:

"... Well I'd like to hide some lists and smart lists (with very personal names!) when I'm at work.

Could be possible Hide/show lists by location where I am?"

Which pretty much would be my point. Anybody else interested?
With regard to "getting things done" I would appreciate the relevant lists (which represent results) on top of the list.
An alternative would be, to sort the listnames?

Posted at 12:17pm on November 15, 2010
dominic.spachmann says:
nobody cares? :-(
Posted 9 years ago
punishment says:
Posted 9 years ago
adwan says:
Absolutely would love this. I don't want seperate accounts for work, but when I log in at work, I don't want my personal lists to be visible!
Posted 8 years ago
bradwilson76 says:
Just bringing this ol' thread back to the fore.

I've been a RTM user since its early days, and have always felt that this feature is needed to help me balance between work life and home life. I use RTM for almost every aspect of my life, so seeing my "today" list with a mix of work and personal tasks is sometimes confusing, distracting, and if my colleagues see my list over my shoulder, possibly inappropriate.

So this is a big +1 from me. I'd like to see some ack from the developers on this, to see if it is something that is considered a valuable feature, or perhaps it's just that there are not many people as sad as me who use RTM for every little thing 😃.
Posted 4 years ago
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