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Tasks with start date of today (or earlier) to show up in today's list

suziestoj says:
Quite often I need to work on things that will take longer than a day to produce and will be due in a few days time, for example a document for a meeting in a week's time.
I want to be able to have all items with a start date of today (or earlier) showing up in today's list so that I know it is something I need to start working on as it will be due soon (and will need a bit of work on it).
Posted at 11:51pm on February 21, 2016
ulrik67 says:
Great idea. Please vote it up.
I'm tired of duplicating tasks to have "warnings" before due date.
Posted 4 years ago
tallestguy says:
I love this idea. I just checked my Smart List and it shows that I've begun work on four items but according to my "today" list I've done everything for the day with nothing else to do... so frustrating
Posted 4 years ago
cwhite79 says:
Ditto! Most of my tasks cannot be finished in a day and require the use of both start and due dates to manage efficiently. Not seeing the tasks with start field in today seems like an oversight. The alternative is to create a Smart List that provides thos "custom Today" view, but then the default Today list should be hidden.
Posted 3 years ago
wilsontang says:
Agreed. I also vote for this feature.
Posted 3 years ago
amkbcn says:
I also vote for this. Many of my tasks take days or weeks to complete and not having the "start today" ones showing up on the Today list is confusing. I do have a smart list called "Start today" but that is not usually what I am looking at when I open RTM.
It would be perfect if they were all in the same place.
Thank you.
Posted 3 years ago
stefcameron says:
Great idea! I just suggested the same thing to the team without knowing about this thread!

I would also add that tasks with start dates that aren't due "today" be displayed in italic font instead of normal font to further differentiate them from tasks due today (bold, as in current behavior) or tasks not due today (with or without a due date, but with no start date).
Posted 3 years ago
sonyasinglee says:
Yes please! I rely heavily on viewing my tasks using ical and I think this functionality could almost turn any calendar into a Gantt chart.
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:
I too would love to see this functionality. I see this thread was started two years ago, so am not very hopeful about this though.
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes. It makes no sense to have start dates if they don't cause the task to show up in today view...seriously, how else would people use that field???
Posted 2 years ago
cjdenbow says:
Yes, please implement this feature!
Posted 1 year ago
esymacojr says:
Wait this is still not implemented?! What is the use of the start date then?
Posted 4 months ago
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