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Support for HTML in notes

rlemise says:
I think it would be handle to allow simple html markup in the notes. Ordered and unordered lists would be useful. In addition, it might be useful to everyone if image tags were allowed.
Posted at 3:24pm on October 12, 2005
ab (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi rlemise,

Your feedback is appreciated.

The reason html is not allowed in notes (or anywhere on the site) is for security reasons. However, something similar to BB Code as you might have seen on many forums is not out of the question.

At the moment focus is on improving the stability of the current features. Rest assured though, new features will definately be introduced to RTM in the future, text formatting is something we're looking at. We already have a list called 'New Features' in our account ;)

Posted 14 years ago
rlemise says:
Thanks ab. As a web-developer, I understand completely your reservations about allowing html. Perhaps incorporating textile or the like would be something to consider in the future.

Great job on the app. Very nice look and feel. Keep up the great work!
Posted 14 years ago
moerl says:
I was going to post about this too. I'm not a webdev, but I understand very well why you're not allowing HTML. If you could incorporate something like BBCode that would be perfect!

All you really need is three text sizes or so, bold, italic... colors would be a sweet extra.

I love RTM. Until today, when I discovered it, I loved 37signals' Backpack/Ta-Da Lists. Now here's a competitor that KICKS ASS! And that's RTM... I don't think I'll see either Backpack or Ta-Da again anytime soon ;)
Posted 14 years ago
fesja says:
I support the idea of some kind of bbcode also. There is a function to strip the html code that you dont want (in php is striptags() ). I hope you add this feature soon, becasue it's very easy to do.

great job!
Posted 14 years ago
bernard says:
There are plenty of markup variants supported by a host of Wikis. These probably overlap bbcode a great deal. Or perhaps you could use an approach like Textpattern? (

I'd like to suggest that you also allow some markup in the task line. That way I could embed URLs, or highlight a word.
Posted 14 years ago
(closed account) says:
Id' vote for a wiki markup - with cross-note linking, headings and ordered and unordered links.

(example - put a nice looking shopping list into my "Costco Shopping" task note.

thanks for the great webapp.
Posted 14 years ago
apgordon says:
I was going to +1 for this (I just tried to add a link in a note using a href), but if it's a security thing, I can dig not having it.
Posted 12 years ago
rtulisi says:
Posted 11 years ago
antti.makkonen says:
+1 for Wiki (or BBCode)
Posted 11 years ago
woodr says:
So this hasn't really had any movement for...ages...

The main reason I want this is for syncing notes between outlook and RTM. I use the RTM sync tool but any formatting in my notes/emails on outlooks gets lost and become unreadable in some cases.
Posted 9 years ago
relevart says:
I implemented most of BB code on one of my sites from stcrach. It only took several hours. And I'm not even close to a professional programmer.

I think in 1-2 days, you could implement this in all platforms, RTM is available on.

After 5 years it woudl be great ;)
Posted 9 years ago
aponomarenko says:
Evaluating RTM after comindwork, really really missing Wiki formatting in tasks/notes.
Posted 8 years ago
freeasinspeech says:
wiki-style or markdown would be great
Posted 8 years ago
yolgie says:
Any progress on that?
Posted 8 years ago
christian.roth says:
Still no markup supported? Please, it's been 6 years.
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
Posted 8 years ago
danmandich76 says:
Well it's been 10 years now...
Posted 3 years ago
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