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Customize sort order for completed tasks

xuboxin says:
I often check completed tasks as a way to track progress towards a goal, but the current sort order for completed tasks is by completion date, just thought it should be able to sort by due date as well. What do you think? Thank you.
Posted at 1:35am on September 1, 2010
xuboxin says:
found out it'd been discussed long before, many want it but still not implemented, disappointed:(
Posted 6 years ago
gormac says:
Posted 6 years ago
swerntz says:
Another +1 for completed task sort options.
Should be very easy since sorting is already available elsewhere.

I'm need it for a repetitive use shopping list (Costco). As a workaround I currently use a two lists. One holds all possible items I might get since this list is not completed I can sort. I move items from this list to a second list as I prep for next shopping trip. The second list is used during a shopping trip. After shopping I move all completed items from the second list back to the first list then I uncomplete them so they're available for next time. This works OK as long as you use a full browser to for the bulk actions. Not so great if I had to do it all on my mobile device.
Posted 6 years ago
jlous says:
At the very least it should support "use same ordering as uncompleted", but I can't see why one couldn't just allow any sort in this view.

For example, I have lists where I frequently reuse old tasks by uncompleting them. The uncompleted ones I want ordered by priority or due date, but the (large) list of completed ones I'd like alphabetical so I can quickly find the specific one I'd like to uincomplete.
Posted 6 years ago
rtrimble says:
+1 for the ability to sort completed tasks.

I have a grocery list where I reuse completed tasks. However, having my completed tasks sorted by completion date make finding the items I want to uncomplete difficult.

As a workaround I move the completed grocery tasks to an empty list, uncompleted them, then sort as desired. I then move the tasks I want to reuse back to the grocery list as uncompleted tasks. I re-complete the rest of the tasks and move them back to the grocery list as completed tasks.

These extra steps could be prevented if I could sort completed tasks alphabetically.


Posted 6 years ago
jordi9 says:

This is a must for reusable items!

Posted 6 years ago
wohler says:
From the duplicate idea #7738: sort completed task

+1 for groceries.
+1 for movies.
+1 for beers
+1 for restaurants
+1 for wines

In the latter cases, I'd like to sort by priority (used to rank an item) in addition to sorting alphabetically so I can quickly recommend 5-star movies or excellent wines to a friend :-)

Thus, in general, I'd like to be able to sort completed tasks by alphabetical/priority, or priority/alphabetical at a minimum. Of course, each list, including smart lists, should have their own completed item sort preference. The default sort by completed date is fine.
Posted 6 years ago
angelo011 says:
Posted 5 years ago
llantha says:
People seem to have been asking for this for several years now. Any response from RTM?
Posted 5 years ago
cwh0471 says:
RTM needs to get this done. Seems like it would be an easy fix as we can sort all incomplete lists.
Posted 5 years ago
snugglesz says:
Please do this. It is insane that the *single reason* I tried this application--using the iphone reminder list to make a grocery list is impossible because the completed list is unsortable--is not fixed by this application.
Posted 4 years ago
basovink says:
Posted 1 year ago
basovink says:
This is a duplicate
Posted 11 months ago
catseyetc says:
Basovink is right. There are two threads.

I am so frustrated with the lack of sort order with completed tasks that I am even considering not renewing my subscription next year. I have no idea where I should 'vote'. I wrote to RTM about this in Jun 2016 and I am clearly not alone in this request for 6 years!!! Really??

It's even worse in the new windows app now because at least I could use the browsers 'find' facility without leaving my list. The app makes me navigate away from the list every time.

I am posting this in both forum posts. Not sure if RTM are going to start bothering to check the forums. Let's hope.

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Posted 10 months ago
simon.miner says:
Posted 9 months ago
timns says:
Posted 8 months ago
timns says:
I contacted support about this and they seemed to be aware that I'd also posted here in the forum. So they are reading this stuff, but in stealth mode ;)

I'm going to check in with them again in a week: I have this neat program with recurring reminders so I don't forget ;)
Posted 8 months ago
sean.digitalfix says:
My god it's been over 6 years since this MOST BASIC list management feature was first requested.

That is extremely discouraging.

I would pay for a pro subscription if RTM could do this.
Posted 7 months ago
timns says:
Yes I wish I'd noticed this before buying two pro subscriptions for home
Posted 7 months ago
sailj32 says:
This is very important to me, and no doubt easy to implement. Why not done by now after years of user input?
Posted 4 months ago says:
Posted 13 weeks ago
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