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Nag mode

Started by apastuszak General1 comment

Take breaks from repeating tasks

Started by melissavdb General0 comments

Smartlist containing fixed number of tasks

Started by solarlynx General0 comments

Have an option to increase font size of the printed lists, and to list sub-tasks (or not)

Started by shortydavis General0 comments

Order subtasks by drop an drop

Started by holl0w General0 comments

Group by Due Date - Allow Ordering or Ordering by Due Date

Started by lordthundering General1 comment

Ability to link to another list from within a task

Started by jbzech General0 comments

Deleting completed+repeated task, unnecessary question

Started by martin.bodlak General0 comments

Setting to auto-delete empty tags

Started by thejaswi General2 comments

Option to display task creation date and sort by it

Started by davidbrake General0 comments

Auto-completing tasks

Started by (closed account) General1 comment

Add tasks as completed with Smart Add (for history)

Started by mschuette General0 comments

Subscription Plan

Started by lucaor General0 comments

Vote on Ideas for Tester Program

Started by wildlarva General1 comment

Email notification when a new forum reply is posted

Started by kcin General0 comments

Maintain single, up-to-date list of updates/changes

Started by ml.barrett General0 comments

Smart Add - Multiple Tasks

Started by cozmokrmr General2 comments

Restart Postpone count

Started by eoe General0 comments

Snooze time for start/due date time

Started by emielvdr General0 comments

Delegate task with notifications on accepted/completed/postponed/rescheduled

Started by emielvdr General0 comments