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Separate work and home tasks

unsliced says:
I'm a pro member - and have been for year - but I'd quite like to be able to completely separate out my home and work lists. Would it be possible to have a separate login with my work address that will show those lists/tasks, which would be hidden from my home login (and vice versa) without paying for a second account?
Posted at 9:04am on April 25, 2016
tismey says:
Some way of applying a global filter Would be great - not sure about the different login implementation, mind.
Posted 8 years ago
jean.van.schaftingen says:
This possibility of keeping clearly apart "work" and "home" is essential to me. I just do not want to remember some things about work when I am on holidays. I would imagine something as a "context" switch. Everything (tasks, labels, list) could be associated with one of those context, and *nothing* about the "home" context would appear in the "work" context and the other way around.
Posted 8 years ago
selyaev.alec says:
A couple of options
1) To have JOB or PERS in the begining of list - that helps to sort out tasks.
2) I have dummy locations for Job and home tasks - that helps me to identify the place (sometimes i need to do smth in job location but not related with job)

Several smart lists helps to identify of the task is personal and where it may be done.
Posted 8 years ago
gotmatt says:
I'm only a recent user, but I've found that using work/home lists in conjunction with smart lists can effectively create this boundary. To save time, you'd need to create tasks at work while in the work list, so that you don't need to manually add that metadata. I'd prefer, however, to have separate accounts.
Posted 7 years ago
bugsie says:
Completely independent areas would be great. I've found massaging the existing functionality tends to lead to overly complex Smart Lists as I try to include stuff I do want to see vs not. I want to be able to use multiple lists for both home and work.
At the end of the day, I'm trying to avoid buying RTM Pro twice, however I may be receptive to paying a small addition for a second account.
Posted 5 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
I think smart lists and tags accomplish this pretty darn effectively. I have a list that checks if tasks are untagged, or erroneously tagged with both work and home tags, and then the other lists keep everything sorted automagically.
Posted 5 years ago
(closed account) says:
I agree with selyaev.alec and ranbarton. Lists, Smart Lists, tags, and locations all provide a very good way of doing this.
Posted 2 years ago
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