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Headers or ways to categorize/sort subtasks

(closed account) says:
To prevent many levels of subtasks it would be nice (as coming from Asana) to have the ability sort subtasks and provide headers to categorize subtasks.

I can make the categories as subtasks but that only provides me of another click moment and cost me more time to find quickly my todo's.

Posted at 5:59am on June 23, 2016
jamezzz says:
You can sort of have this already. If you're using a custom advanced sort that groups by some field on the original List the parent task is in, then the subtasks of that parent will be sorted by that same advanced sort and will headers for the field used to Group tasks. Works pretty nice, but I'd really like pick what sort to use on each parent task to sort it's subtasks!
Posted 7 years ago
bcampbell says:
It seems to me that this need could be met by a display option addition rather than having to create a new item type called heading. You could see all of nested subtasks if a subtask had a triangle icon that allowed you to click on it to see everything nested underneath (like Mac OS Finder list view or the navigation pane in Windows File Explorer ). In order to see all nested subtasks, there could be display all/hide all option rather than having to click on the triangle icon for each subtask.
Posted 6 years ago
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