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start dates = to due dates... mimic due date displays & options

Started by pskarbon General0 comments

Recurring tasks based on start date

Started by brucknerj General0 comments

Add "Open Hours" to Places & Tags and Use Current Time to filter lists

Started by davidscottsmith General3 comments

repeat after until

Started by mbrandonpace General1 comment

Mail in tasks: Have the attachments be embedded in the note (link to dropbox)

Started by anders.holt General0 comments

Random choice from lists/tags/subtasks/dates

Started by birrellwalsh General0 comments

Realize dueBefore:"next weekday"

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

daysDue - new search operator

Started by raymond.bergmark General0 comments


Started by onlinemailnet13 General1 comment

Headers or ways to categorize/sort subtasks

Started by (closed account) General2 comments

Group more than one field

Started by (closed account) General1 comment

Default priority for subtasks

Started by gotmatt General0 comments

Sync with Wunderlist and todoist

Started by ornorm General0 comments

Make reminder still work for overdue

Started by onerror General0 comments

Check if (push) notification is already completed on another device

Started by (closed account) General1 comment

Monthly pricing

Started by rmchale General1 comment

Strike through solved tasks

Started by faustus23 General0 comments

Settings for Main task estimation = Total of sub task estimation

Started by abhange General0 comments

Enable Notifications Passed Through Notification Agents

Started by sn3akyp3t3 General0 comments

Automagically include time estimates for tasks with linked videos

Started by ledhed2222 General0 comments