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show task with a start date in the week view

Started by eeelya General1 comment

Automatically assign a random unused color when creating a tag

Started by shardvicens General1 comment

Email notification when a new forum reply is posted

Started by kcin General1 comment

Postpone repeating ("Every..." format) tasks: Postpone One Instance vs All

Started by drdamski General0 comments

Optional Sound When Task Completed

Started by heyyoots General1 comment

Confirm marking multiple tasks complete

Started by pdalec General1 comment

Nag mode

Started by apastuszak General2 comments

Subtasks default sort order: Drag and drop

Started by orsonk99 General0 comments

Have an option to increase font size of the printed lists, and to list sub-tasks (or not)

Started by shortydavis General0 comments

Order subtasks by drop an drop

Started by holl0w General0 comments

Multiple levels of grouping in custom sorts

Started by robfreundlich General1 comment

Multiple levels of grouping in custom sorts

Started by robfreundlich General1 comment

Ability to link to another list from within a task

Started by jbzech General0 comments

Support for TaskPaper-like outlining in Smart Add syntax

Started by michaelpmanti General1 comment

Deleting completed+repeated task, unnecessary question

Started by martin.bodlak General0 comments

Subscription Plan

Started by lucaor General0 comments

Assign a task to someone that is not a rtm user

Started by foulox General0 comments

Put a checkbox in the notes section

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Recurring tasks based on start date

Started by brucknerj General1 comment

Smart Add Notes needs way to include carriage returns/line feeds

Started by jaykaplon General1 comment