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New filter due:nextWorkingDay

martin.bodlak says:
I would be happy with the due:nextWorkingDay filter.

The purpose of this filter criterion is to be able to create smart list for planning project tasks for the following working day.

Example: (list:MyProject and due:nextWorkingDay)

It is also easy to add new tasks in this smart list: both list and due date are automatically filled when the task is created from within the smart list view.

It would be kind of modified "tomorrow" but only for working days.
Posted at 6:07pm on August 26, 2016
(closed account) says:
A solution for this has been suggested:
Posted 3 years ago
martin.bodlak says:
Yes, but the construct in the mentioned tip is pretty long while one new operator is actually usable. Your solution is not a solution at all, it is a workaround.
Posted 3 years ago
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