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Automatically postpone repeating tasks

astrojason says:
For some tasks, such as dailies, it would be nice for them to automatically postpone if they are missed. For example, I have a task for me to read every day, but if I miss it, it would be nice for it to just be set as due the next day.
Posted at 1:18pm on June 5, 2015
(closed account) says:
Isn't that an open invitation to procrastination "heaven"? I would'n trust myself to not commit to my tasklist - and actually have to postpone my tasks so I am always on top of my tasks.
Posted 7 years ago
florinbuda85 says:
I have a task like "Review my tasks for today" at 7:05 (bus takes me at 7:00) - if I miss that is useless to have 2 tasks for next day
Posted 7 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi florinbuda85,
In your example you may wish to change the repeat to “after a day”; you can see more in our Posted 7 years ago
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