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Repetition after never - repeat after never

anna.buhr says:
I have many tasks that are due from time to time, but not regularly (e. g. put toilet paper from the bathroom above to the guests bathroom downstairs and many other little things that should not be forgotten). Fot those tasks I set the due date when it comes to be due (I notice that the last roll of paper is in use) and after completing it I have to set the due date of the repeated task from "tomorrow" to "never" manually (they are repeated after 1 day).
I would propose that there is a repeating option "after never" so that the task is dublicated after completing it with all the properties but with due date "never". (I have much more complex task for which I would use this funcition than toilet paper, with URLs and notes and estimated time and so on)
Posted at 6:58am on April 13, 2021
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