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Confirm marking multiple tasks complete

pdalec says:
Please add an option to require confirmation when marking more than one task complete at the same time. I have a task with a full branch of subtasks over a large period of time. Several times I have gone to mark a different task complete when this task was still selected and I did not notice. Recovering the other task means going through and figuring out which sub-tasks were or were not completed, since they ALL get reset.
Posted at 3:42pm on January 13, 2017
sfcurley says:
To me this is the most infuriating thing about RTM, great as it is. I would strongly vote for per-user option to have a multi-select mode and single-select mode. Or perhaps better yet, and alternatively: a default single-task select mode with shift-click used to select multiple tasks. I have several times unintentionally completed multiple tasks and not realized it until it was too late, and some have bee high-value, time-sensitive tasks. So, I think the default (and only-available) option of multi-selecting tasks has the potential for costly and/or catastrophic mistakes.
Posted 3 years ago
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