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Associate emoji with a tag

Started by meonkeys General1 comment

Task-Formating *bold* and _italic_ and +underlined+

Started by tangoman1976 General2 comments

Expand Alexa Options

Started by scott.kressley General0 comments

Filters for Tasks in (Smart-)Lists

Started by (closed account) General0 comments

Pinned Task (Cannot Be Postponed)

Started by danielalbu General0 comments

Group by Due Date - Allow Ordering or Ordering by Due Date

Started by lordthundering General1 comment

Enhance Smart Add capabilities

Started by whitemilkyballoons General1 comment

Hide tags when using "Group by" display option

Started by shaunorpen General0 comments

Sync with Wunderlist and todoist

Started by ornorm General0 comments

Task Inventory

Started by onerror General1 comment

Automagically include time estimates for tasks with linked videos

Started by ledhed2222 General0 comments

Duplicate Task clears out postponement count

Started by eoe General0 comments

Kanban view

Started by deussen General1 comment

Improve subtasks+smart lists: ability to query subtasks based on parent attributes

Started by dgoldstein General0 comments

Improve subtasks+lists and smart lists: better options for when subtasks are displayed

Started by dgoldstein General1 comment

Generative task/sub-task naming

Started by paul.eastabrook General0 comments

Milkscript: configuration management (name/value)

Started by paul.eastabrook General0 comments

shared libraries within mikscript

Started by paul.eastabrook General0 comments

notes vs discussion

Started by paul.eastabrook General0 comments

Smart Lists: when adding a task, prompt asking which list to add to

Started by mddperkins General3 comments