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Task Inventory

onerror says:
Subtasks are uncomfortable to use for shopping lists, lists of things to pack, plants to water, items to move, and what's not. All these things need the same action at the same time. Adding subtasks for each of such things is too much overhead. E.g. in Android app you need to pick the right task, to press + button, to pick subtask, to input some text like "put socks to your luggage", and repeat all that for every item, it's nonsense. They should be not subtasks but items and treated as items. A lot of gtd-apps implement this feature gracefully already (TickTick as an example), and this feature will be fit in the RTM infrastructure easily. Call it Inventory, for example. It could be added the same way as subtasks or notes added and would consist only of simple items without any attributes on their own. You could only check them out, and with that you would make progress on your task (or subtask). For example, you would have a task "Pack luggage for the trip" with it's own attributes, notes and what's not, then you simply add this "Inventory" to the task, the input there should be the simplest, maybe, several options of input would be good. You input Socks, Pants, Shirts... then the "progress" of the task would set to 0%, and with each item checked it increases. When everything is checked, the progress would be 100%. I don't know whether this "progress bar" is ok or not, but the concept of Inventory is of urgent need. I really need this option to cover everything I bought this app for. As for the rest, it's just awesome, way better than others.
Posted at 6:48am on September 27, 2016
onerror says:
Examples of good implementation of this feature in other apps (minimum user clicks):
TickTick, Wunderlist, Google Keep
Posted 3 years ago
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