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Associate emoji with a tag

meonkeys says:
I think it would be cool if, for example, the "money" tag could be associated with the money bag emoji. For example, whenever I use the tag "money" I'd like to see the money bag emoji (💰) in addition to or instead of the "money" tag.

I often find myself adding emoji at the beginning or end of tasks. It's a great little visual mnemonic! For example: "finish taxes 💰". I sometimes also use tags, so this task might be entered as "finish taxes 💰 #money".

One easy way to implement this would be to allow emoji in tag names.

Another way would be to add a way to say "whenever I tag something 'money', display the emoji money bad instead of the tag name 'money'".
Posted at 2:37am on August 31, 2018
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