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Settings for overdue tasks in today/week

Started by owneywr General1 comment

Keyboard shortcut for switching lists

Started by tclaiborne Web app0 comments

Spotlight search support

Started by schiegl iPhone app4 commentsAnswered

"24hour" view like as "Today" view and "This week" view

Started by yasuaki.okamoto General0 comments

Google Inbox Chrome Extension

Started by adrian.durlester New integrations0 comments

Ability to give/share and accept tasks

Started by flyingsaucrdude Android app1 comment

Postpone up to 6 days

Started by faustus23 Web app1 comment

Automatically delete certain overdue tasks

Started by benjanssen Web app3 comments

Started by odlny iPhone app1 comment

Ability to add task from notification daily digest

Started by opuntia2 Android app0 comments

Visual Planner

Started by chandan.maruthi Web app0 comments

toggle/setting to show and allow sort by additional info on all task list like when printed

Started by greg.koontz Web app0 comments

sortin in "all tasks"

Started by catfishtpa Web app0 comments

Single-user "Personal Access Tokens" for API auth

Started by dlitz General0 comments

Send an email from RTM

Started by michael.labelle Email0 comments

Barcode scanning to add tasks

Started by kh Android app4 comments

Link the Gmail icon to view the email (not open a response)

Started by jjwhite Gmail add-on5 comments

Have keyboard shortcuts act on current item without selecting first

Started by jrdioko Web app0 comments

Milksync and Windows Mobile - can we please have reminders on phone tasks based on due dates in RTM

Started by bclementziza MilkSync for Windows Mobile8 comments

Month and Year as Due Date choices

Started by mmoore100 Web app4 comments