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Plugins for main browsers

Started by onerror New integrations0 comments

Reminder setting for "in app"

Started by plainclothes General0 comments

Reminders - use absolute date/time for reminder

Started by mapgeek Reminders1 comment

Add tasks to "Given to Others" manually

Started by andsterling General0 comments

Responsive version

Started by tonyhue Web app0 comments

task scrambling

Started by geophyzz Web app2 comments

Show all notes in a list

Started by thestumonkey Web app0 comments

Started by squaregoldfish Web app0 comments

Started by opuntia2 Android app0 comments

Rtm drag and drop notes

Started by whoyuppie Web app0 comments

Visual Planner

Started by chandan.maruthi Web app0 comments

toggle/setting to show and allow sort by additional info on all task list like when printed

Started by greg.koontz Web app0 comments

Vote on Ideas for Tester Program

Started by wildlarva General1 comment

bigger field for editing task name

Started by ph_arnaud General0 comments

Put "All", "Today," "Tomorrow" tabs on Tasks page

Started by rnowling Web app0 comments

Select Overdue

Started by ahliana Android app0 comments

Send an email from RTM

Started by michael.labelle Email0 comments

Ability to hide lists

Started by masei Android app4 comments

Tag-only cloud

Started by mahinirb Web app1 comment

Syncing tasks and dates

Started by hemzet MilkSync for Windows Mobile1 comment