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Rank tasks by a "programmable" feature akin to Toodledo's "importance"

Started by salustri General0 comments

Ability to set Reminders field as default

Started by cdelsol Reminders0 comments

Highlight 'Active' task

Started by john.turknett Web app1 comment

Allow setting profile picture from mobile app

Started by (closed account) iPhone app0 comments

Bulk editing of start date with a keyboard shortcut

Started by benol Web app0 comments

Add inspirational quotes to the RTM loading screen

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

default estimates

Started by miccaman Web app0 comments

ability to sort tasks by number of incomplete subtasks

Started by earmsby General0 comments

Sort tasks by creation date

Started by wkoszek Web app0 comments

Stay logged in permanently

Started by parno General0 comments

Support for wiki-like markup in notes

Started by chris.hancock Web app1 comment

Custom field in task

Started by robgia Web app0 comments

Link tasks to one another

Started by marie.wendt Web app1 comment

Option to automatically select newly added tasks

Started by captaincampari Web app1 comment

Add tag cloud back!

Started by freddieq Web app0 comments

Show tags on Android widget task lists

Started by fancybone Android app0 comments

Add field for 'collaborators'

Started by rabeckman General0 comments

Collapsing advanced sort groups

Started by shekala iPhone app1 comment

Pure Calendar Widget integration (Android)

Started by mickem New integrations9 comments

Past Due Recurring Tasks

Started by (closed account) Web app1 comment