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The second level of sorting and sorting by tags

Started by vic1979 Android app0 comments

Single-user "Personal Access Tokens" for API auth

Started by dlitz General0 comments

Create smart list from Android App

Started by ordeph Android app1 comment

Send an email from RTM

Started by michael.labelle Email0 comments

Option to display more than 1 occurrence in case of repeating task

Started by nyrk Android app1 comment

Link the Gmail icon to view the email (not open a response)

Started by jjwhite Gmail add-on5 comments

Have keyboard shortcuts act on current item without selecting first

Started by jrdioko Web app0 comments

Option to enable location alerts only when GPS is active

Started by pielgrzym Android app0 comments

Milksync and Windows Mobile - can we please have reminders on phone tasks based on due dates in RTM

Started by bclementziza MilkSync for Windows Mobile8 comments

Customize the name of priorities

Started by restrito.carlos Web app0 comments

Shortcut to Jump to the top of the list

Started by masakuni.ito.19 Web app0 comments

Don't show due tasks in bold

Started by dave.liao Web app0 comments

Custom sound alert depending on priority (or other rule)

Started by olivier.jeannin Android app1 comment

Enable attachment from pCloud

Started by mattias.hultman General0 comments

Subtask not showing

Started by migmae General0 comments

More attachment options: Nextcloud

Started by migmae New integrations0 comments

Sort order option by most/least recently added

Started by amandafrench General0 comments

default one selection at a time OR complete using checkbox

Started by mbrandonpace Web app0 comments

Sharing drag & drop'ped priorities across smart lists

Started by gordon.bazeley Web app0 comments

Default Due Date and Priority for Email Tasks

Started by dayoung24 Email0 comments