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Mail in tasks: Have the attachments be embedded in the note (link to dropbox)

anders.holt says:
What should be possible, is to:
Forward the mail to RTM, so it becomes a task, and the attachment in the mail (for instanse an invoice) is then saved to dropbox, and linked in the task in RTM: Thus, when opening the task, the attachment is either attached directly in the task, or there is a link to it in dropbox, that will bring me to / open it
- This will save three operations when doing the task, and two operations when creating the task (forwarding to RTM).

Now I will have to:
A. forward the mail to RTM, and
B. save the attachment to dropbox and
C. do the task from RTM, and
D. look the attachment up in dropbox

Simplification! :-)
Posted at 9:36pm on May 2, 2019
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