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Always show the day of the week after Today and Tomorrow in menus and text

jaykaplon says:
Every use RTM late at night? As in after midnight? As in WAY after midnight? Then perhaps you also have the issue of moving tasks off and wanting the Postpone and Due pop-up menus to list the day of the week along with the words Today and Tomorrow.
(Example, it is 3 AM Saturday and I'm moving off some left over Friday tasks. I check one and pull down the Postpone menu, I have Today Tomorrow and Monday on listed. Today means Saturday and Tomorrow is Sunday, but I'm still awake from Friday so 'today' to my fuzzy mind means Friday...seeing the Day of the Week also would help this.)

Make the Postpone menu like:
1 day --> Today (Saturday)
2 days --> Tomorrow (Sunday)
3 days --> Monday

Make the Due menu like:
Today (Saturday) Feb 4
Tomorrow (Sunday) Feb 5
Monday Feb 6

Even when typing in the Add a task field, the due and start menus and blue text left in the field should show the day of the week in addition to Today and Tomorrow, such as:

My task ^Today (Saturday) ~Tomorrow (Sunday)
(where '^Today (Saturday)' is in blue as is '~Tomorrow (Sunday)')

Do this in the web app and in any other apps where Today and Tomorrow are use in menus or shown as text.
Posted at 10:34am on February 4, 2017
dbsk says:
If this is implemented, I would rather do it as an option, rather than for everyone. It seems to me to be too verbose.
Posted 9 days ago
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