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Windows 10 Mobile

seanutria says:
RTM is finally looking in the direction of Windows! They have announced "coming soon" and invited beta testers to their Windows 10 desktop app. It is unclear if this is a 32bit application or a new UWP app. Hopefully the latter, so that they can leverage that development to Windows 10 Mobile, for those using Windows phones and small form factor windows devices.
Posted at 5:06pm on May 31, 2016
gustav.erik says:
Indeed, hopefully the latter with support from the start for Windows 10 Mobile.
Posted 8 years ago
ullimario says:
Me too. This would be the reason for me to get a Pro account...
Posted 8 years ago
(closed account) says:
Since they've closed the request for a Windows 10 app by producing an old-style Win7+ desktop app (which I doubt is what the requestors were actually wanting), consider this a vote for a proper UWP app addressing Windows 10 Mobile (as the priority) *and* Win10 PC
Posted 7 years ago
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