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Filters for Tasks in (Smart-)Lists

(closed account) says:
I know that RTM has very powerful search-capabilities, but there is one thing I realy really miss in my day to day work with RTM: Filters.

What I am thinking of is a capability to filter tasks in a given list or smart list. So for example: Let's assume there are tags like "idea", "waiting", "followup". It would help if I could filter a list to only show tasks that do not have this tags - and only show concrete tasks.

So e.g. I would open the list of a project and could filter concrete task or items to follow up etc. IN THAT LIST.

I have a number of lists for different roles and projects - a capability for filters would make RTM much more efficient to use.

I know this could be done by Search - but Search goes over all tasks in RTM. I also could create separate Searches / Smartviews for this - but this would end up in many Searches / Smartviews and would it even more complicate to handle in my view.
Posted at 12:34pm on September 30, 2019
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