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Keyboard shortcut for creating a new list

mike.payne says:
Could you add a keyboard shortcut to create a new list. I normally work with lots of lists each with a small number of tasks, but to add a new list you have to go to the right tab in settings. A keyboard shortcut that would allow me to quickly create a new list before creating tasks in that list would be a great help
Posted at 1:23pm on February 13, 2008
dmd1272 says:
Yes, this would be cool "L"
Posted 10 years ago
robinlevick says:
yes, this is mandatory. definitely can't believe this shortcut does not exist!!
Posted 10 years ago
esp1ngard4 says:
+ for this one,
It's too painfull to go to the other tab each time i want to add/delect a list.
A button or shorcut to create/delete lists in the main page would be awesome

Simplify my life please =)

Posted 7 years ago
innohead says:
I agree. When doing 'Getting Things Done' methodology, easy list creation is key
Posted 6 years ago
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