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Access subtasks after downgrading

Started by miels General1 comment

More custom notification sounds

Started by paul.beattie iPhone app4 comments

Improve handling of paragraph breaks

Started by dave.liao Web app1 comment

Date and time stamp

Started by ross.lymberatos Web app1 comment

@ mentions

Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Simple Lists

Started by jnicholea General1 comment

Easier drag and drop for unpaid version

Started by cjkogan111 Web app2 comments

New operator: hasSubtaskInList

Started by nicofremaux General0 comments

Make Tasks' height and font larger based on the Estimated duration (as a View option).

Started by cwhite79 Web app0 comments

Group By `Smart List` in Advanced Sort

Started by wongwf82 Web app1 comment

Abstract Location

Started by onerror General3 comments

Badge counts for Incomplete/Completed tabs

Started by mcgaritydotme Web app0 comments

Password save for desktop app

Started by mshancock Web app1 comment

Integrate with Alexa List Skill API

Started by sanguinepenguinx New integrations0 comments

Fix the timezone syncing problems between browser and desktop and mobile apps

Started by kdwarn General0 comments

Widget Update Frequency

Started by evan.fredericks Android app0 comments

Desktop: Make ALT+F4 close the window, not quit the app

Started by clausconrad Web app0 comments

Provide quick actions (i.e. actions that come up from long press app icon)

Started by bbeetle Android app0 comments

Übersicht widget

Started by canburak New integrations1 comment

Dangerous "No due date" Date Picker Selection

Started by bruzzi Android app0 comments